The Home Team with Improv Circus

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Step right on up! IMPROV CIRCUS is in town!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages: prepare to be delighted and amazed by the talents of “Improv Circus”!

Watch as this ever-changing carousel of talent tries their luck. Be enchanted as they draw from a bucket filled with amazing improv games. Laugh hysterically as they dazzle you with astonishing feats of improvisational comedy!

THE HOME TEAM knows how the game is played.

Classic. Simple. Fun.

“The Home Team” is Springfield Improv’s flagship show. Designed to delight audiences, this team exclusively plays a gamut of classic, funny improv games. 

This is the improv comedy you know and love.

So bring the whole family. “The Home Team” is always family friendly, and a guranteed great night out!

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