Evenson inspired by children, nature; featured at Artsfest May 6-7

Karrie Evenson

Northwest Arkansas artist Karrie Evenson describes her style as whimsical and illustrative. From the hills of Arkansas, Evenson returns to Artsfest on Walnut for a fifth year on May 6 and 7—one of more than 140 artists from around the country.

When did you discover art as your passion?

Karrie Evenson: I have always loved creating art ever since I was a little girl. It became my passion and profession 10 years ago when I needed an outlet to help me cope with finding out my baby girl was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis. It has become my passion and my way of letting go and living in the moment. My daughter, now 10, is an artist as well! 

What’s your favorite subject to paint?

Evenson: Animals! I love nature and animals so much! They make me happy!

Do you have a certain process to get into the painting mode?

Evenson: Yes, I live in the Ozark hills of Northwest Arkansas, so being surrounded my nature is key for me. I usually go for a hike or run in the woods to help get my creative juice flowing.

What is your favorite music to listen to while creating?

Evenson: It changes all the time. I really love all kinds of music. Some of my favorites are Shelby Lynn, Dave Barnes, Amos Lee.

Where do you find greatest inspiration?

Evenson: My children inspire me with their wild personalities and imagination. I love being in the woods alone, sometimes it's when I come up with my best ideas.