Artist interview with Crystal Moody: Make creativity a priority (video)

Crystal Moody Video

Springfield-based artist Crystal Moody works primarily in drawing, painting, and collage. A 2014 challenge to draw every day ignited a new creative fire for the former art teacher. Moody finds inspiration in what she studies, and recently has been reading about female artists of the 20th Century. One of Moody's biggest takeaways from those readings is the commitment to creativity those women made in the face of difficult times.

"Frida Kahlo had a lot of things going on and tragedy in her life, and yet she still found time to paint, from bed," Moody says. "Agnes Martin was schizophrenic, hospitalized for a while, but chose solitude, to live alone and really focus on her art. I think we all come up with these excuses for why we can't do things that are creative. It's nothing new, we're not any busier than they were. You've just got to make it a priority and figure out ways to fit it in to your life."