Lee Copen

I paint moments of time. Capturing what I see in paint is both an humbling and awe inspiring experience. I don't assume the viewer will feel or even see what I see, they will have their own unique response to my painting. That is part of the majic I love about art. My style is realism and the subject matter of my art is landscape. Whether painting on location or in the studio my work reflects my love of the land and nature. 

Alex Primm

I've been doing freelance writing on environmental and Ozark subjects, Oral History Projects, and Oral History based performances for over 30 years. My character is one Stub Borders - real person, tie hacker, general trouble maker who lived in the Ozarks for much of his life. I am available for performance, presentations on oral history, Ozark rivers, Henry Rowe Schoolcraft and his trek through the Ozarks and more.