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Educational Art Kits

The Springfield Regional Art Council has extended their educational means by putting together kits to educate students across the area on famous artists and their different styles. Each Art Kit consists of educational material for students to learn about a particular artist. Information about the artist and a sample of his or her work is included in each kit; some kits also include a book about the artist. Each kit comes with a set of instructions on how to create a piece of artwork similar to the artist’s style.

Arts in the News (SBJ Live): Conquering the Cliche of Starving Artist with Christie Snelson

"[Christie Snelson] also shares how payment plans keep money coming in while giving her goals to work toward, keeping her on track financially and deadline-wise. Her thoughts on the term "starving artist"--hopefully if you work hard you won't starve, but day jobs are strongly encouraged. Her advice to those wishing to step out on their own is to work hard, continue to learn, push yourself, and stay focused." — SBJ Live